Sharan L.

Quilter, Military Wife and Grandmother

Achieve Lower A1C Levels1 with
MiniMed Insulin Pump Therapy

Better Control and More Flexibility

You already know an A1C test is an average of the ups and downs in your blood glucose levels over the previous three months. Since lowering your A1C can help you avoid diabetes complications,2,3 it’s often the most important factor when choosing new therapy.

It’s more than a pump, it’s the confidence of knowing you're doing what's best for your health.

MiniMed insulin pump therapy is clinically proven to reduce A1C better than multiple daily shots for people with type 2 diabetes.1 Studies have shown that lowering your A1C can reduce the risk of long-term complications2,3 such as:

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Benefits of Insulin Pumps

An insulin pump uses predictable rapid-acting insulin, which means you don't need to follow a strict schedule for eating, activity, and insulin injections. Imagine eating when you're hungry, delaying a meal, even broadening your food choices.

Assumes 4 shots per day for 30 days and one infusion set change every 2 to 3 days.

  • Improved A1C levels.1
  • Fewer injections: only once every two to three days when changing your infusion set.
  • Reduced risk of long-term complications from diabetes.2,3
  • Helps with dawn phenomenon (high blood sugar occurring in the early morning hours).
  • Reduce the amount of insulin1 and oral medications you take.4
  • Get accurate dosing: the pump delivers exactly as much insulin as you program it to. No need to second guess what dose is being drawn up in a syringe.
  • More flexibility in food choices, eating schedules, and activities.
  • Ability to temporarily take less hourly insulin to prevent low blood sugars in exercise or temporarily give more for times of stress when your glucose is likely to be higher.

Take insulin with the press of a few buttons

An insulin pump is a small device that is worn on your body and delivers tiny drops of rapid-acting insulin to closely match your body’s needs. The pump can be discreetly hidden out of sight to anyone around you.

Insulin Pump

A small durable medical device that has:

  • LCD screen and buttons to program your insulin delivery settings.
  • Battery compartment to hold 1 AAA alkaline battery.
  • Five colors to choose from along with optional accessories to personalize your pump.

Infusion Set

An infusion set includes a thin tube that goes from the reservoir to the infusion site on your body. The cannula is inserted with a small needle that is removed after it is in place.* The infusion set is changed every two to three days.

Pump Features

  • The Bolus Wizard® feature helps you calculate the proper insulin dose to match your meals, without having to count carbs.**
  • Missed Meal Bolus Reminder helps to remind you to give yourself insulin with meals.

No more keeping logbooks.

CareLink® Personal software serves as a virtual logbook so you can track your insulin intake and glucose levels. It creates reports which help you and your healthcare provider discover patterns and make therapy adjustments faster and more accurately than with meter software and logbooks alone.

Real Customers. Real Stories.

“With MiniMed pump therapy, I don’t have to worry about when I’m going to be in a good place to give myself the next shot!”

Sharan L. Quilter, Military Wife and Grandmother

“The pump’s making my life a whole lot easier. It sounds like you’re tied up to something, but it’s actually freedom. It’s freedom to say, hey, I can go have a meal. I don’t have to worry.”

Bill K. Student, Hard Worker and Grandfather

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Myth vs. Reality, the truth about wearing a pump

If you’re still wondering if pump therapy is right for you, let’s set the record straight about some common myths.

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Why Choose Medtronic

For over 25 years, Medtronic has offered unrivaled customer service and support to help improve your diabetes management and overall quality of life.

At Medtronic, we offer:

  • 24/7/365 live customer support that’s here when you need us
  • Personalized education and training programs for our customers
  • Comprehensive website providing convenient and easy access to product information
  • Dedicated insurance service teams to support your insurance needs every step of the way

Make the switch to MiniMed today

Be one of the many people who leave multiple daily shots behind and find better control and flexibility with pump therapy.

The StartRightsm Program

The StartRight Program offers the support and training you need as you embark on your new diabetes management journey. Your personal StartRight representative proactively reaches out to you immediately after your product has shipped and will help set you up for success even before you begin therapy.

Everything we do is focused on you. From comprehensive training to personalized support and 24-Hour HelpLine, we’re more than just the leader in diabetes innovation. We’re your partner for life to help you succeed with your new therapy.

Medtronic exclusive StartRight program will be with you every step of the way to prepare you for therapy. Your specialized StartRight representative will ensure that you build the right habits and will support you to achieve long-term success with your new insulin pump.

  • Discussing your therapy goals
  • Guiding you with product education
  • Celebrating your achievements
  • Showing you the value of your CareLink® reports

Contact Us

Medtronic is committed to providing quality customer service. However, due to the number of online inquiries we receive, we may not be able to respond within the same business day. If you need a response during the same business day, call

(888) 350-3245

  • *Applies to most of our infusion sets: Quick-Set, Silhouette®, and mio®
    ** See Warning regarding Bolus Wizard feature below
  • 1 Reznik Y., Cohen O., Aronson R., et al. Insulin pump treatment compared with multiple daily injections for treatment of type 2 diabetes (OpT2mise): a randomized open-label controlled trial. The Lancet. 2014; published online July 3.
  • 2 Holman RR, Paul SK, Bethel MA, Matthews DR, Neil HAW. 10-year follow-up of intensive glucose control in type 2 diabetes. N Engl J Med. 2008; 359:1577-1589
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  • 4 Lynch PM, Riedel AA, Samant N, Fan Y, Peoples T, Levinson J, Lee SW. Resource utilization with insulin pump therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus. Am J Manag Care. 2010;16(12):892-6.
  • 5 Peyrot M, Rubin RR. Validity and reliability of an instrument for assessing health-related quality of life and treatment preferences: the Insulin Delivery System Rating Questionnaire. Diabetes Care. 2005;28(1):3-58.

Medtronic MiniMed insulin pumps and associated components are limited to sale by prescription and should only be used under the direction of a healthcare professional familiar with the risks associated with the use of these systems. Successful operation of the insulin infusion pumps and/or continuous glucose monitoring systems requires adequate vision and hearing to recognize alerts and alarms. Insulin pump therapy is not recommended for individuals who are unable or unwilling to perform a minimum of four blood glucose tests per day. If your insulin delivery is interrupted for any reason, you must be prepared to replace the missed insulin immediately.

Please visit for additional details. WARNING regarding Bolus Wizard feature: Do not use the Bolus Wizard to calculate a bolus for a period of time after giving a manual injection by syringe or pen. The Bolus Wizard does not account for manual injections, and could prompt you to deliver more insulin than needed. Too much insulin may cause hypoglycemia. One’s healthcare professional should be consulted for how long one needs to wait after a manual injection before relying on the active insulin calculation of the Bolus Wizard.

CareLink software is intended for use as a tool to help manage diabetes. The purpose of the software is to take information transmitted from insulin pumps, glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring systems, and turn it into CareLink reports. The reports provide information that can be used to identify trends and track daily activities — such as carbohydrates consumed, meal times, insulin delivery, and glucose readings.

NOTE: CareLink report data is intended for use as an adjunct in the management of diabetes only and NOT intended to be relied upon by itself. Patients should consult their healthcare providers familiar with the management of diabetes prior to making changes in treatment.

For more details, please consult and the appropriate CareLink User Guide at

MiniMed, Paradigm, Bolus Wizard and CareLink are registered trademarks and Revel is a trademark of Medtronic. MiniMed, Inc.

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